Thursday, October 26, 2006

Up up and away

Recent illustration work for B&Q current advertising campaign. Artwork produced using Lightwave and photoshop.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Latest sample

A couple of people have said to me that the character bits are their favourites, so I decided to try and get a few more sample illy's done like this, whilst its quiet. This is one I did today inspired from a conversation I had the other evening with a freind who was telling me that his boy's were getting into a bit of bother at school.

Monday, October 23, 2006

concept sketch

fairly quiet on the workfront at the mo so Ive moved on from my Pirate phase and into my War phase, obvioustly still in my blue phase though. Made a concept sketch of a burnt out tank done in photoshop as you do - what more can I say!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!!!!

Its ages since I did any specimen samples, so here's a pirate character I sketched in Illustrator and rendered in Photoshop done just for the fun of it! and I dedicate it to Andrew Glazebrook for saying I never put anything up here... which is kinda true, so here you are Andrew, this ones for you!

Childrens Books

A selection of pages from a series of childrens books I worked on in collaboration with Mark jobe and Philip Pepper last year.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Christmas stuff

Just finished working for a company locally who design xmas decorations for shopping Centres, didnt get the chance to burn a lot of stuff to cd to take away when I'd finished so this is just a brief selection of the sort of thing we get involved with, designs for Santa's grotto's to 3d animated concepts for suspended decorations. The work is pretty varied as are the deadlines depending on how busy they are, so some stuff is rough, other stuff I get the chance to use the 3d package to get a better finish. Every day working there is like christmas - not sure if thats a good thing!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Recent work

Been working on a series of illustrations recently for a brochure, all rendered in photoshop. Its been a nice change to get my teeth into some artworks rather than concept stuff which usually makes up most of my work diet. Its been a bit of a push to get em done on time and my eyes are as black as coal from the late nights/early mornings, but I think they're finally finished thank god!

Friday, May 19, 2006

More Stuff

Been a while since I was on as works been getting in the way as usual and a system failure on my Macintosh - Yes Macintosh, first one since I bought it about 4 or five years so not bad really, pesky computers!
Anyway, just been trawling the memory for more stuff to update the blog as its been ages since I added anything, dug out a few more samples - A real mixture of stuff from ad roughs and concepts to artwork. Still cant put anything up Ive worked on in the past couple of months so nothing exciting but there you go!

The top one is a visual for an ad agency advertising I used lightwave for the piston and photoshoped the rest, it was a pretty tight deadline (ie an evening) so I didnt have a great deal of time to go to work on the surface textures and its probably pretty rough if you look close enough.

The little ninja was a sketch I did for my brother in law who wanted a little character to make into a sticker for his motorbike. would have liked to work this one up into artwork, but it never went any further.

The next was an illustration for a callendar I did some time ago it was for the month of December and was to represent 'new years resolution' The client wanted quite a basic style like the drawings on the back of the cards on aeroplanes explaning how to escape a plane crash into the ocean......yeah right!

The next one was for the same job, cant recall what the idea behind this one was now, obviously something to do with old women and the Hokey-Cokey I'll leave it at that. These were done in illustrator, ideal for that nice clean line.

The next was just a rough for an ad and was hand sketched and rendered in photoshop.

The next was a small artwork for guessed it...Christmas card, this was the cover and inside the card was a 'colour by numbers style outline drawing of the front cover' and each pequin represented a different employee, Santa being the company director of course.

The last few were character concepts Lucifer and Jed were developments of characters I worked on the these with Mark Jobe, check out his blog in the links, the Mr Incredibles rip off was an illustration to feature on the side of a van for a client who had set himself up in business ironing other peoples clothes and he's called iron man, hence the shape of his face!

The black and white illustration of the boys face was done in illustrator and was for another callendar for a printing company, the final illustration the boy had a bright red spot on the end of his nose, and the title for this one was 'Spot Colour' all of the illustrations were based on printing termimology.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Natural mediums

Well its all looking a bit digitally so Ive posted up a few bits Ive done without pressing a single key on my mac. I really should get more stuff like this done I'm starting to feel a bit guilty!


Did loads of work for ad agencies whilst in London, mostly concepts with a few artworks thrown in for good measure. Met some great Illustrators whilst working down south and learnt loads from them. Many of them had been in the business for twenty years plus so pretty experienced. Real old school stuff and I mean that in a good way, no digital just magic markers and paint! no disrespect to the digital stuff... the revolution of the digital era is a marvellous thing and it does take great skill and knowledge to produce good stuff but when the pressures on to hit a deadline and theres no undo key youve got to be good and they were! They were a real inspiration for me and although I'm still a long way off being able to compare myself to them in terms of ability, they brought out my competative edge and I wanted to be as good as them. Its a shame many of them dissapeared after the macs came in in a big way, but I think most of them are still doing creative stuff. I hope they are all still well.

I owe a lot to those who gave me a chance at the studio, its a competative industry to get a foothold in and when I look back at some of the stuff I did for them when I first started out it makes me cringe. Advertising work seems to have crazy deadlines but the money was mosltly pretty good. I think a lot of my hair fell out when I worked in London, but at least you could probably afford a good surgeon to put it all back in.

Here's some advertising samples, some new and some mostly digital!

Misc digital work

Dont have much to say about these really! just various jobs done using illustrator and photoshop.