Saturday, April 15, 2006

Natural mediums

Well its all looking a bit digitally so Ive posted up a few bits Ive done without pressing a single key on my mac. I really should get more stuff like this done I'm starting to feel a bit guilty!


Did loads of work for ad agencies whilst in London, mostly concepts with a few artworks thrown in for good measure. Met some great Illustrators whilst working down south and learnt loads from them. Many of them had been in the business for twenty years plus so pretty experienced. Real old school stuff and I mean that in a good way, no digital just magic markers and paint! no disrespect to the digital stuff... the revolution of the digital era is a marvellous thing and it does take great skill and knowledge to produce good stuff but when the pressures on to hit a deadline and theres no undo key youve got to be good and they were! They were a real inspiration for me and although I'm still a long way off being able to compare myself to them in terms of ability, they brought out my competative edge and I wanted to be as good as them. Its a shame many of them dissapeared after the macs came in in a big way, but I think most of them are still doing creative stuff. I hope they are all still well.

I owe a lot to those who gave me a chance at the studio, its a competative industry to get a foothold in and when I look back at some of the stuff I did for them when I first started out it makes me cringe. Advertising work seems to have crazy deadlines but the money was mosltly pretty good. I think a lot of my hair fell out when I worked in London, but at least you could probably afford a good surgeon to put it all back in.

Here's some advertising samples, some new and some mostly digital!

Misc digital work

Dont have much to say about these really! just various jobs done using illustrator and photoshop.

The discovery of Lightwave 3d

I discovered Lightwave about 6 or seven years ago - Brill software, Its also helped with the illustration work to. I know it sounds a bit sad but it makes you think how light reflects of different surfaces and how shadows are cast with different light sources. I'll end this post here before I get too deep! and I'm making myself sound real loser anyway here's a few samples.

Concept Sketchwork

I'm like most other 32year old blokes, I still love my playstation, a couple of years ago I put together a portfolio of concept sketchwork for the games industry as it was an area which I had not really explored but was really interested in. Lack of experience with 3d studio max seemed to halt me from making any real progress even though I was only really looking for 2d artist stuff. I'd really like to do more of this kind of stuff as you get the chance to let your imagination go mental. Anyway these are just a few samples from the portfolio.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Architectural Stuff

Got into the 3d stuff many years ago and I'm currently using Lightwave 3d. Great bit of software it renders pretty quickly now, so quickly that Ive even used it for concept and advertising stuff which have notoriously short deadlines. Ive been getting a few architectural illustrations to do since moving back up, time consuming work building all the meshes but puts the bread on the table. Its been a while since I did these so hopefully it'll be safe to post them up now.

Greetings Cards

Every now and then a job comes along which you know is right up your street. I particularly enjoy doing illustration work for greetings cards. Its something I'd like to get into a little more if I possibly can. Here's a small collection of previous greetings card stuff.

The first is a set of postcards based on famous movie cars.

The second is a full set of greetings cards depicting the twelve chinese star signs.

The third image is a selection of four from a set of twelve postcards for a company who provide proffessional training.

These last two sets were cards I was working on for myself about a year ago when I'd just re-located and work was a little thin on the ground. I needed to generate a bit of income so I did these. I was planning on sending them off to a few publishers to see if I could sell them but work picked up and they ended up sitting on my harddrive. I forgot all about them until I started looking back through for some samples so if there is anybody out there involved with greetings cards who is interested in publishing any of them please get in touch, they're all worked up to artwork reolution.

Hello Blog

Call me old fashioned or just plain lazy! I don't know why its taken me so long to get some of my stuff posted up online but following a conversation I had this evening with a good friend of mine I decided to plunge in with the rest of you. He said to me 'Good God Ross. Your art doesn't belong to you it belongs to the world, the good people have a right to see what you've been up to' ..... alright so I made that last bit up.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Recent Projects

Most of the work I did when I lived in London was for the advertising industry, consisting of storyboard work for TV ad campaigns and visuals for print. After moving back to the North East I have been involved in a good variety of projects from motion graphics for a music video to children's book illustrations for a leading UK publisher. I enjoy experiencing new avenues for work which keeps the day to day stuff pretty exciting. I am currently working with a local company whom specialize in Christmas decorations and events for shopping centres throughout the UK. The day to day work involves producing concept drawings and design to finished illustration for print.