Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Series of visuals produced using 3d and photoshop for Ballantines Whisky.

CGI visual of a hall produced for an upcoming event - Russian being the general theme. A background photo of the venue was supplied and all the elements within were produced within 3d or photoshop.

A selection from a set of many 3d cgi visuals/Artworks produced for NatWest.
Created using Lightwave 3d and Photoshop.

A couple of storyboards produced using photoshop - Many thanks to Gareth from Plum Illustration for the modeling!

Couple of visuals produced for Jacobs Coffee using Photoshop

Set of visuals created for Currys using Photoshop.

A couple of illustrations produced using ye old trusted Photoshop and Painter.
- Photo's were provided by client and Getty Images from what I remember. The brief was to make them look as closely as I could manage to oil paintings without getting my hands dirty with real paint.

A couple of colour visuals produced in Photoshop.

A couple of black and white line only visuals worked on with local company Keltie Cochrane, check out some of the great work on their site - www.keltiecochrane.com

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

3d interiors

Home interior illustration produced for SKY TV detailing the correct way to set up a home cinema system. Created in Lightwave and Photoshop.

Recently, I have been working on a few 3d interior render specimen pieces in downtime as I have been asked a number of times in the last few years for samples. So here goes, the following were all created in Lightwave 3d... of course!..... and a little photoshop here and there.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A series of artworks created in Illustrator using brand colours for East Midlands Trains. Artworks featured on website and billboards.

more advertising samples from 2008

TV storyboard concept for Special 'K' ad

2 concept visuals for Thomas Cook ads

Series of advertising concept posters for Perrier created using photoshop

A series of plasticine morph style characters created for the uk 'fit for life' campaign created using Lightwave 3d, photoshop was used to create the bump texture for the 3d models.

Series of advertising concept posters for the promotion of milk

Advertising poster for LG created in photoshop and Lightwave 3d

Visual for Timotei created using Daz 3d, Lightwave, 3d coat and Photoshop

Bits of advertising work from 2008

press ad created in photoshop for Twinnings Tea

storyboarded sequence to visualize Twinnings train concept

Twinings storyboard for tv ad created using photoshop

Storyboard sequence created using photoshop and Lightwave 3d for Direct line designed in the style of a 'mario karts' game

Series of concept visuals for Ariel completed over the weekend, pencil sketched

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Storyboard for Philadelphia produced using 3d software and photoshop.

Storyboard for Baileys tv ad concept produced last year using Photoshop.

3 visuals created within photoshop for Kingsmill bread advertising concept.

2 colour visuals created for Twinnings tea advertising concept, using Photoshop again.

Painterly photo-comp storyboards for Rimmel ads created using photoshop.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another digital painting of WW2 American landing craft. Created using Lightwave and photoshop

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a photoshop sketch done this evening utilizing some of photoshops fab dry brushes - purely for my own gratification! inspiration from band of brothers and private ryan.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Misc projects from 2007

Graphic visual produced for TFL ad

Sewer environment produced and animated in 3d for a short film worked on with Mark Jobe and David Hails

3d impression detailing developments of a new timber mill for BSW Timber

Vector based illustrations for a calendar based on strange national days which feature each month. National 'wear a plunger on your head day' 'National hot dog day' and 'National sci fi day'

A series of screen grabs from an animation produced of a modern home with cut away styled floors.

Illustration produced in 3d for Bradley O'Mahoney Creative

Storyboards 2007

A selection of storyboards from 2007

CG sequence for Imogas

Alternative CG sequence for Imogas

Digitally painted Storyboard produced in Photoshop for Sunsilk (Big thanks to my sister for the modeling)

Digital painted storyboard for Knorr

S/b produced for Jacobs coffee ad