Friday, February 27, 2009

Misc projects from 2007

Graphic visual produced for TFL ad

Sewer environment produced and animated in 3d for a short film worked on with Mark Jobe and David Hails

3d impression detailing developments of a new timber mill for BSW Timber

Vector based illustrations for a calendar based on strange national days which feature each month. National 'wear a plunger on your head day' 'National hot dog day' and 'National sci fi day'

A series of screen grabs from an animation produced of a modern home with cut away styled floors.

Illustration produced in 3d for Bradley O'Mahoney Creative

Storyboards 2007

A selection of storyboards from 2007

CG sequence for Imogas

Alternative CG sequence for Imogas

Digitally painted Storyboard produced in Photoshop for Sunsilk (Big thanks to my sister for the modeling)

Digital painted storyboard for Knorr

S/b produced for Jacobs coffee ad

Web based stuff.

A selection of illustration work produced for web based projects

Logo concept for 10create produced in Lightwave 3d

3d illy of mug and tea bag for local recruitment agency

Vector illustrations produced in Illustrator for BBC bitesize

Vector illys produced for profit access

Pool girl illustration made using illustrator for K+C

Girl illys for K+C

TKO character designed and produced in 3d for website

Characters designed and created for flash animation on website

Vector illustration produced for main screen of web based sports game

Vector illustrations of characters designed and created for a web based game anti-bullying

Backgrounds for the same game mentioned (above)

A selection of hat icons produced using illustrator

Concept visuals from 2007

A selection of concept visuals completed on various projects throughout the year, using the usual, Photoshop and lightwave 3d.

Photoshop visual for Toshiba

Particle mixing machine 3d concept

Concept visuals for Royal Bank of Scotland

Concept visual for promoting recycling for energy

Porsche award 3d conncept

Award concept produced using Lightwave and Daz 3d

Photoshop visual for Hyundai poster concept

Another visual for Hyundai poster concept

Visual produced using Lightwave for Hyundai poster concept

Detachable limbs for scuba sub(below)

3d visual produced for Fosters

Yacht race visual, coloured in photoshop and linework produced by Bill Bradshaw

A selection of Photoshop painted visuals for Sunsilk concept

Concept sketches for Angus Young character for DVD sleeve

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advertising Storyboards

And finally a hand full of storyboards for DVLA, Knorr and Toyota. The Toyota and Knorr boards were a collaborative effort between Bill Bradshaw, Richard Osley and myself.

Advertising Concept Visuals

A selection of visuals produced for various products/advertising agencies. Software used Photoshop and Lightwave 3d.

3d Packaging concepts

A selection of packaging and merchandise visuals produced using Lightwave 3d and photoshop.