Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Series of visuals produced using 3d and photoshop for Ballantines Whisky.

CGI visual of a hall produced for an upcoming event - Russian being the general theme. A background photo of the venue was supplied and all the elements within were produced within 3d or photoshop.

A selection from a set of many 3d cgi visuals/Artworks produced for NatWest.
Created using Lightwave 3d and Photoshop.

A couple of storyboards produced using photoshop - Many thanks to Gareth from Plum Illustration for the modeling!

Couple of visuals produced for Jacobs Coffee using Photoshop

Set of visuals created for Currys using Photoshop.

A couple of illustrations produced using ye old trusted Photoshop and Painter.
- Photo's were provided by client and Getty Images from what I remember. The brief was to make them look as closely as I could manage to oil paintings without getting my hands dirty with real paint.

A couple of colour visuals produced in Photoshop.

A couple of black and white line only visuals worked on with local company Keltie Cochrane, check out some of the great work on their site - www.keltiecochrane.com