Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A couple of 3d specimen pieces produced in Lightwave 3d and Photoshop. Unfortunately I am unable to take credit for the wireframe of the McLaren which was pre-built.

A series of backgrounds produced using Lightwave 3d and photoshop for a large Gold Blend animatic. The project ran for about two weeks if I remember rightly and miraculously we saw the finished ad on tv and the internet about three and a half weeks later.

Concept visual for Crown paints, produced using photo-montage and photoshop painting.

Concept of a gong style award for Fosters - produced using Lightwave 3d.

Vector artwork illustration for East Midlands Trains. Produced using Illustrator.

A selection of visuals for Malibu - produced using Photoshop.

More work from early 2010

A selection of concept visuals produced using Lightwave, Photo-montage and digital painting.

Spots v's Stripes event sponsored by Cadbury's
Harrington FTI

Work from about a year ago.

A series of black and white visuals for Blackrock made up of numerals.

Photo-montage and digitally painted storyboard frames for Axe shower-gel

Storyboard coloured in photoshop for Terry's chocolate orange - Linework by Bill Bradshaw.

An early doodle done in photoshop for a character design to feature on a website. We ended up with a design a little more removed from the pixar cars generic look.